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Recreation complex Zavidovo -
New Year's night

VW Germanika -
Summer corporate party

VW Germanika -
New Year's corporate party

Residential complex Dubrovka -
Dubrovka Day

Regard -
New Year's corporate party - Conference
"E-Commerce 2017"

Sberbank First -
Children's Day - Exhibition
"ECOM Expo 2017"

Sberbank First -
Curling -
The Big Turnover 2016 Award - Conference
"E-Commerce 2016"

Sberbank First -
Children's Day



Nastya, it's been several years since our wedding, but we all look at the photos and videos, and are glad that everything turned out so well. Thank you personally and the whole team for incredible moments and memories. All guests still remember our wedding. Thank you for your help and understanding, thanks for listening and always being there. We are very glad that we decided to trust you. We wish you prosperity and success. And, of course, more interesting and pleasant pairs! 😘😘😘
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- Maria Kirilenko -


We are a couple living abroad, we celebrated our wedding in Moscow. We did not doubt for a second the choice of Nastya, since we ourselves were guests at the wedding, which she organized, and were delighted with the celebration. We are extremely happy that we entrusted the wedding to her! It was very easy for us to work with her. We had no worries either during planning or during the day of the celebration. Many thanks to Nastya for her advice and recommendations, promptness, friendliness, sense of humor and willingness to always help. Nastya is an incredible professional! She takes into account all the desires of the couple and translates them into reality! It is immediately clear that Nastya chose a profession by vocation! It was easy and pleasant to work with her, and the wedding day turned out exactly the way we saw it and imagined in our dreams, and even better!
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- Milla & Risto -


I want to express my deep gratitude to Anastasia for organizing the dream wedding! I am a very moody customer, I need everything to be perfect. Anastasia heard all my wishes, somewhere she suggested how to do better, somewhere she accepted all my wishes and did as I asked. At the wedding itself, I was not worried about anything, everything went fine, everything was in due time. All guests were incredibly satisfied, they said that the celebration was perfectly organized. Anyway, Anastasia is a wonderful person with whom it is very easy to find contact and ease of communication. The dream wedding took place thanks to her!
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- Elena & Maxim -


Exactly a year ago! I decided that it was Lesha who would be the very man to whom I plan to spoil his serene existence until the end of the ages! :)) P.S. For help in organizing our day, many thanks to Anastasia Voprosova! Nastya knows everything about weddings and even a little more! Starting from the place where to put the wedding arch and guests, ending with the weather forecast for 04/28/2018))) Thank you for just enjoying what was happening, without thinking about any organizational issues!
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- Maria & Alexey -


The wedding manager was Anastasia, and I can not imagine what I would do without her. She organized and thought out everything. She advised where to buy a dress, and went with me to try on. Believe me, neither girlfriends nor mother can think over and advise everything that Nastya advised. This is a professional side view combined with experience. I was delighted with her and her whole team, I can not imagine my wedding without them, all my dreams came true. If you want a great holiday, and at the same time spend a minimum of time, and not have a headache, then these guys are what you need!

- Alexandra & Michael -


I want to express my gratitude to the wonderful, or rather... the best organizer – Nastya Voprosova! Thanks to her, our holiday was perfect! I also want to say a big human thanks to Nastya for the support and excellent mood! Now I always recommend Nastya as an organizer to all my friends!))
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- Elena & Michael -


We always wanted a wedding that would be perfect, but at the same time preparing requires a lot of energy, time and worries. But when we talked with Nastya, we realized that all this is possible! She always knew what we wanted, and immediately knew what we would like :) All questions with the wedding venue, awesome host, decorators (who helped to organize unreal beauty outside and in the restaurant), a DJ, and even with the photographer and videographer – Nastya helped to meet and discuss all issues. But most importantly – when this day came, we knew that everything was ready for us, and we could enjoy our day :) Thank you, Nastya !! For attention, for sensitivity, for support, for your ideas, for magic kicks during the preparation period, for the lack of fatigue and good mood, and most importantly – for our wonderful memories!

- Nastya & Serghei -


Two years have passed, and everyone remembers our wedding with admiration! We began to prepare in 1.5 years! And among our friends we were the 7th couple who decided to legitimize our love. It was unrealistic to do something new and suitable for us! At some point, we realized that 8 months of “preparation” had passed, and we had nothing! No topic, no place, nothing at all! And the date was popular – 7/1/17, which complicated the preparation. After the first meeting with Nastya, we were on such an upsurge!!! Nastya knows how to listen and hear, she, as a creative psychologist, gently and faithfully directed us in the right direction. She not only introduces you to the right people, she creates the event of your dreams. On the wedding day, none of us thought about organizational issues, everything was controlled by Nastya together with the team. I would like to find the necessary words of gratitude, but not a single word is worth Nastya’s works
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- Lucia & Michael -


Finding a hall, a host and transport seemed very simple things, so we initially planned to organize the wedding ourselves. But a month later, everything turned into a bidding with representatives of institutions. Friends advised to seek help from Nastya. After the first meeting, we were pleasantly surprised by the individual approach, attention to all the details of the event (how many of them actually turned out to be!), and a sincere desire to understand our expectations. From that moment on, we had only to choose proven, reliable options :) We returned the feelings of pleasant excitement and romance in the preparation process. The result was a perfect holiday, so clearly and precisely planned that everything worked like a clock. On the day of our wedding, we were relaxed and satisfied, so we did not want it to end at all!

- Anastasia & Serghei -